How Choosing The Right Restaurant Crockery Can Elevate The Guest Experience?

With the rapid expansion of the restaurant industry, consumers are demanding more of a positive experience when they visit restaurants, not just good quality food. The most successful chefs and restaurateurs think that people eat their food with their eyes before eating.

This is evident in the increased use of Instagram and other social media platforms, where food photos are the most famous. So, restaurant owners pay greater focus to how their food is served. 

Finding the perfect cutlery is a vital aspect to consider when thinking about improving your food’s presentation. Everything from plating to how the food is served is under food presentation. A lot of restaurants need to place more emphasis on buying appropriate chinaware.

Different types of pottery you can Select From

Tableware and crockery are essential to creating the atmosphere in your restaurant. Knowing the various kinds of best crockery for restaurants is essential, and each has its distinct advantages and drawbacks.

This way, you’ll make the right choices when purchasing your pottery, considering the amount you can afford.

Stoneware: Very shiny, brown, or gray and has a small number of pores. It is an excellent material for baking because it warms slowly and evenly. Other advantages include it being scratch, stain, and scratch-resistant.

Bone China: One of the most elegant and sophisticated kinds of tableware that restaurant owners adore is Bone China. It is light, durable, and offers a refined look.

Porcelain is usually white, challenging, and translucent. This material can be created in stunning styles and designs.

Potters used to use the material to perform their everyday tasks. But, many restaurateurs consider porcelain to be the best option.

Earthenware: Earthenware is one of the most gorgeous and eco-friendly varieties of serving the best crockery for restaurants you can buy. It is usually thick and heavy. It is an excellent material for storing food in the freezer or even in an oven.

Aluminum: Its creamy color and toughness give it an expensive appearance, although it’s cheaper than bone china.

Melamine: Melamine is a durable and lightweight material containing thermosetting plastic. This implies that it’s complicated to break and is resistant to staining and scratching.

Terracotta is a traditional Spanish product, called terracotta, commonly used in ovens and tableware.

Aspects to Take into Account When purchasing the best restaurant cutlery

After you have compiled your list of all the items you’ll need for your pottery, Here are some things to consider when purchasing the best china!

i) Food and Style In Your Restaurant:

Your style plays an essential factor in choosing the appropriate best restaurant best crockery for restaurants. Because instagrammable photos of their food could be an issue for some of your patrons, it is advised to bring suitable crockery to complement the food’s presentation. Here are some tried and true strategies that can be used at your place!

The classic white plate never goes out of fashion!

If you are a restaurant with a solid aesthetic, the use of contrast crockery will aid in making a distinction.

Select matte colors that complement your restaurant’s interior.

Be sure your best dinnerware for vacation rentals is in line with your cutlery. It is possible to play with shapes and patterns.

Some chefs will say that traditional food should be served with mud-based utensils. However, others suggest contemporary china to go with the style of your restaurant.

The color of your dinnerware can be different depending on the seasons! In summer, you can choose colors such as a citrus punch or aqua blue, and fall colors such as sienna or orange are appropriate for winter.

ii) Table Size

The table’s size determines how many dishes you can comfortably fit on it as well as the number of dishes, plates, or spoons you’ll require. It is recommended to take a little more than what you need during the busiest times of your restaurant to ensure you are sure of your safety!

iii) Cost:

Various crockery materials are essential for different types of food served in your restaurant. For instance, a traditional dinner is best served on porcelain plates, while the sizzler or other food items would be better served on stoneware dishes. Also, it depends on your budget and the type of pottery you want to purchase.

The typical price for the best dinnerware for restaurants in India is INR 1700 to INR 28,000. (Source: IndiaMART)

iv) Durability:

If you’re looking at the many choices for the crockery material you’re looking to purchase to serve your customers, you’ll be able to pick between the most difficult to the most delicate. Because porcelain and stoneware are very robust, they are typically chosen by restaurateurs looking to invest in the long run.

Here are some stunning examples from restaurants across India that showcase the finest cutting boards and a food-related presentation!

I) Online Social:

The restaurant serves meals using different types of cutlery, like a white platter, an oblong tray made of stone, and even paper bags. Their USP is that they have a hashtag on their cutting boards. People love clicking photos of these hashtags and the way they display their food!

II) Indian Accent:

Chef Manish Malhotra performs an exceptional job each time he serves food at tables. Restaurants serve food uniquely, making sure that each of their cutlery items is a part of the restaurant’s ambiance.

III) Bombay Brunch:

Bombay Brunch ensures that the food is served uniquely to complement the idea of having brunch throughout the day. The striking contrasts between dishes and trays are an element that guests typically appreciate.

IV) Farzi Cafe:

The cafe follows the traditional method of serving its food with black and white cutlery. It does not just enhance the appearance of the tableware but makes food instagrammable!


The proper cutlery selection to serve your guests is a vital decision. Because it directly impacts the overall atmosphere of your establishment, it is essential to make the most efficient use of the budget for crockery. We hope that this article has helped you make an informed choice!

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