How to Buy Plates That Are Perfect for Your Kitchen?

People have created traditions over the years around food by passing on cultures and generations. It is an integral part of our daily lives. If we neglect it, we lose the honour of making a difference in good living, food, and company.

It’s a great way to use your privilege of hosting dinner parties for friends and family. The first thing to consider when preparing for a dinner party is tableware. The first thing we notice when we sit at a table for a meal is the type of tableware we use.

Chefs and culinary professionals always emphasize that food presentation on plates and platters is only half the battle for diners’ hearts. The right tableware can also enhance the theme of the meal.

  1. Moroccan Dining: Handpainted Ceramic Dinner Plates with Katori’s

Moroccan dinnerware is available to complement ‘The 90’s Shores of Morocco’. It includes four 180 ml dish sets and four katoris, each handcrafted in Uttar Pradesh.

The handpainted landscapes depict a past era. The yellow sand of the white sand touches the blue Atlantic and Mediterranean waters. Four dinner plates, four Katori dishes, and four dinner plates can serve daily meals, curries, and desserts for up to four people.

2. Handpainted Ceramic Dinner Plates with Katori’s for ‘Hut Dining.’

“The Hut Dining” is a compact dinnerware set consisting of four dinner plates, four katis, and four dinner plates. Every 170 ML each, the plates and katis are handpainted in ceramics. It features a serene, old-fashioned village scene inspired by Puducherry, south India. This set is perfect for four people and serves four meals per day. It also includes a bowl and four dinner plates that can be used to serve vegetables, curds, and curries.

3. Handpainted ceramic dinner plates, serving bowls, and katoris by The Bee Collective

A collection of ceramics called “The Bee Collective” was created to raise awareness about bee protection. Serving bowls, plates, and trays are great kitchen pieces for serving large quantities of salad, rice, dal, or vegetables. The katoris is suitable for serving curries and vegetables.

These dinnerware sets are handmade from Indian clay and handpainted with floral designs and bees. Finally, the pieces are heated up by a 1200° Celsius fire.

4. Handpainted ceramic dinner plates with side/quarter plates & katoris in the Indigo Chevron colour

This premium dinner set includes four plates and four side plates. Each plate has four quarters or four plates. The plates are made from ceramic by Indian artisans.

Dinner plates are used to serve main meals. Quarter plates are often used to serve bread, appetizers, and desserts. You can use the katoris to serve curries, dals, vegetables, curds and desserts.

It has been handpainted in blue on white and inverted Chevron designs. The glossy finish is also available in indigo blue. It is lead-free and can be microwaved or washed in the dishwasher.

5. Mughal Bagheecha’s Ceramic Dinner Plates with Side/Quarter Plates and Dinner Katori’s Hand-painted by Mughal Bagheecha

Mughal Bagheecha is a handcrafted ceramic collection that includes side and dinner plates. The intricate floral designs inspired it in Shalimar Bagh, Kashmir.

The crockery set can serve four people. The dinner plate is great for large-scale meals. The quarter plate is perfect for serving bread, and Katori is for curries, dal, vegetables, etc. The products are made by grinding the clay for 24 hours and then turning it on a wheel to shape it. They are then painted and glazed in a kiln at 1155 degrees Celsius.

6. Handpainted Studio Pottery’ Moroccan Floweral’ Dinner Plates with Serving Bowls and Katoris In Ceramic

Moroccan Blossoms’ collection includes “Moroccan Floral,” a set of four online dinner sets that include two spoons and four cups. Each set has a 500 ml capacity. Indian artisans designed and made this ceramic dinner set.

Dinner plates are a great way of serving large meals to four people. Serving bowls can bring large quantities of salads, vegetables, or rice. The Katori is ideal for serving curries, vegetables, and desserts.

This set is glossy with a white base and features a gorgeous Moroccan floral pattern. It’s also painted in dark midnight blue. This set is lead-free and compatible with both the microwave and dishwasher.


Here are some tips that will tell you how to select the perfect crockery for your durable and handy dinnerware.

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