And hey, even if you don’t care to take pictures of your food, everything looks much nicer in person. To share their all-time favorite food styling props, I polled 11 professional food stylists and food bloggers. The fantastic kitchen items these professionals adore using in their food shots are listed below in a range of price points.

1 Glenna Dinner Plates and Hawkins New York Handblown Moroccan Glasses

These dinner plates from Anthropologie and this set of handblown blue glasses from Food52 are two of my favorite props. The handmade nature of the pottery and its lightly rustic finish give my photographs excellent texture. At the same time, the glasses provide a lively flash of color.

2 Natural 100% Linen Napkins

My go-to neutral napkins are constantly in use. Since I cook colorful food (plenty of vegetables! ), I keep my styling and props straightforward to make the food stand out. My linens tend to be neutral, understated, and organically textured. These World Market linens are my go-to because I adore them. Next to my chicken-zucchini noodle soup, they are seen here.

3 Opinel Paring Knife

My little yellow Opinel paring knife is my favorite. It provides a pure, lovely splash of color without being garish in photographs. It also looks even better with some use (mine definitely has). I carry it to set and utilize it as a tool even when I’m not utilizing it as a prop.

4 Lina Blue Strip Salad Plates and Welcome II Bowls

The salad dish is wonderful because it adds color without competing with the food. Additionally, this dish is stunning; I adore its distinctive, handcrafted appearance and shape. Last week, I styled these Triple Almond Energy Balls using both props.

5 Heath Ceramics Serving Platter and Staub Ceramics Stoneware Mini Cocotte Set

On the slate Serving Platter by Heath Ceramics, the food looks fantastic. Bright grey with a matte finish creates a crisp, contemporary background with a feeling of newness. My best small savory dishes, such as baked eggs or mini casseroles, are served in Staub Ceramics Stoneware Mini Cocottes. The lovely bright white color of these petite cocotte makes them versatile. They have a carefree vibe that makes it simple to add movement to the pictures.

6 Heath Dinnerware

I adore Heath plates since our everyday utensils are that color. Food looks best in whites or creams because they allow for a simple but striking presentation.

7 Baird 6.5″ Appetizer Plate

The Crate & Barrel Baird 6.5″ appetizer dish is my go-to prop. This item’s minimal glare and earthy texture help it to catch the light. Due to its exquisite yet rustic vibe, it ends up serving as a highlight element in many of my photographs.

8 Williams Sonoma Nonstick Cooling Rack

Looking through my Instagram page, this wire rack from Williams Sonoma is the prop I use the most frequently. It is helpful and attractive to use in Instagram images and blog posts thanks to its distinctive gold color (most cooling racks are made of stainless steel). It offers just enough color to contrast with your dish while remaining discreet enough not to draw attention away from the food.

9 Lobmeyr Glass Pink Water Tumbler

These little Lobmeyr glasses go well with mezcal or sake, but they also go well with decadent pastries or condiments like salt and pepper. They make beautiful and incredibly versatile props.

10 Crown Canyon Enamelware Cereal Bowl and Ball Elite 16-Ounce Sharing Mason Jars

Without detracting from the main attraction—the food—the stark contrast between a black rim and a white dish or bowl adds much visual intrigue to a picture. Additionally, jars with flat sides are much easier for me to photograph when photographing food inside than jars with curvy sides because the reflections don’t distract from the food nearly as much. Additionally, they give the Mason jar trend a somewhat more contemporary spin.

11 French Kitchen Marble Pastry Slab and Gold Flatware

In all honesty, despite having an entire shelf of food-styling accessories, I frequently utilize the same ones. My props represent my modest and straightforward fashion sense. Although I don’t have lovely marble surfaces, I adore how they look; therefore, this pastry slab is frequently used. The sophisticated elegance that gold flatware offers is another something I love! I used both when I photographed this Sweet and Savory Egg and Oatmeal Combo Bowl.


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