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Balzano Blender/Smoothie Maker – Metallic Red


  • The Natrual Nourish: Consume your fruits & veggies in the most pure and natural form just like eating them after chewing.Get Auto seed seperation, 100% prechewed fiber & all vitamins/nutrients intact
  • Auto Seed Separation: The only Blender to automatically separate seeds from all fruits and vegetables be it kiwi, dragon fruit, watermelon, cherries, lychee, pomegranate, custard apple etc
  • Stone Grind technology: The only blender in which the fiber is not cut & is chewed between the teeth of the specially designed plates  thereby naturally extracting maximum nutrients from ingredients
  • Cyclonic waterfall Technology: Just like yoga and Ayurveda suggests  we need to chew the food 32 times before we eat it, the foods rotates in a cyclonic motion & is stone grinded/chewed again & again
  • Control The texture: Now you can perfectly control the texture of your drink with the yoga blender. You can exactly control how you like the fiber to be thick or thin in your drink
  • Low Oxidation: The only blender with Low speed below(50% of other blenders) & naturally pre chewing of fiber of the juice/smoothies/soups thus low oxidation, thereby preserving the nutrients
  • Maximum Nutrition: Now get best of both worlds all nutrients intact (including heat sensitive vitamins) like in slow Juicer and easy to ingest prechewed fiber
  • Super Silent: Due to slow speed & especially designed assembly the yoga blender is super silent with noise below 60dB
  • Save Time & Easy to Digest: Due to auto seed separation you save preparation time and also you don’t need to unnecessarily indest seeds of fruits which have no nutritional value
  • 2 Years (1 Year Product Warranty + 1 Year FREE EXTENDED WARRANTY after you register on Balzano website) Limited warranty against physical damage